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December 31, 2015 • I just wanted to say thanks. This has been a long and sometimes unforgiving six years. I think I have lived another lifetime in its span. I don’t feel like the same person who wrote that first blog post about Bev Orosco. Because I have learned so much from all of you.

We ended up with a DCI of 258. You know what? The Ida May Foundation has given Tau to more people than that. Silvercare has touched more people than that. More than 258 people have participated in Kids Care. So you know what I say? Rot to the DCI.

We know how much we care, and that amount is limitless. It can’t be counted in numbers, because we don’t have the vocabulary.

So even though this part is over, the whole cussed Bequest part (and all the pain it brought back when the story came out), rest assured that Deepwell cares more than anyone will ever know. But I, for one, am darned sure happy not to have to jump through a dead woman’s hoops anymore.

I love you all. Keep on caring.

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December 31, 2015 • Okay, we came up short, DCI-wise. Big whup. For me at least, Ruby’s Bequest stopped being about money a long time ago. Somewhere along the line I guess I got the notion that 300 was actually impossible, that no community has ever scored 300 in their Caring Index. Not that I think Ruby Wood was being cruel to us or anything. Sometimes it’s best not to know that you’re attempting the impossible, or else you’ll never even get close.

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You're all part of the pattern

You're all part of the pattern

Nov 11, 2013 • Some truly inspiring and heartfelt things have been written by people helping us with Ruby’s Bequest.  We wanted to continue to honor and highlight the best of the best, so we are proud to bring you Quotable II!  It features our favorite quotes from stories by all of you, so go check it out!

In addition, Flemby has made an amazing quilt that is a true visual representation of how connected we have all become through Ruby’s Bequest.  It’s a big quilt… too big for this blog, so go take a look at the whole quilt!

But we are not done yet!  The Caring Index still has a long way to go!  Help us get there by posting your comments here on the blog or sharing your stories and advice at RubysBequest.org!

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October 30, 2011 • Finally! Lots of good news to share about both Deepwell and myself! Indexes, birthdays, caregivers! Oh my!

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Caring Sundae: dig in

Caring Sundae: dig in

May 8, 2011 • Well, something extraordinary has happened. Two remarkable things. And I feel we have Jorge to thank for it. Here’s the story:

As you may know, some people in Deepwell formed PODcare and we have been discussing what to do to stop our plunging DCI (Deepwell Caring Index). And I think it’s fair to say that there was a lot of talk but relatively little consensus on what to do.

Enter Jorge, who is one of those guys who doesn’t talk much, preferring to listen for a while and then do something. What he heard was some of us talking about holding a day when everyone who gives or (especially) receives care all come together for an ice cream social or something.

A bunch of people planted the seed for this in their stories – like this one from Tresbien and this one from H2Ohexagon and this one from Andrhia and this one from ptotah and especially this one from Jennifer and this one from Charles W. and this one from coma and so on. But we weren’t sure how exactly to put it together, how to find people, how to pay for it, etc.

Jorge wasn’t sure either, but that didn’t stop him or even slow him down. Hannah and some of Jorge’s other friends helped out. So the Caring Sundae took place on a Saturday actually, May 7, 2011, in the Elks Lodge.

Now from one point of view it didn’t go off so well. Not that many people came and in particular not that many non-disabled, non-caregiving people came. So there was kind of a “preaching to the choir” feel to it. And it was kind of awkward at times, I guess you would say. Some people just flitted in and out.

But here are the two remarkable things:

1) Everyone wants us to hold another one. And I do mean everybody. People I scarcely know have come up to me to make sure they get invited next time. (As if I had anything to do with it!) They press their phone numbers into my hand. This is not normal Deepwell behavior, folks!

2) Jorge had his checks returned. The hall rental, the ice cream, both musical groups, everything. All the bills were preemptively paid – by the estate of Ruby Wood.

Photo by hikikomorix via Flickr.

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April 15, 2011 • It’s been over a year now since Ruby messed up our lives.  I know that sounds harsh, but it’s beginning to be the way I feel.  On top of my other responsibilities–my kids, my husband, my job, my mom, Brian’s parents–I have taken on this massive project, and frankly the results are discouraging so far.  I have provided the town with lots of information, good people like oaklandfiddler and modined have shared their stories and suggestions, and yet that stupid “care index” is going down, not up.

What do we have to do to improve the way we care?  We’ve talked a lot about it, but what have we actually done? It seems like we are struggling just to get the conversation started.  Everyone who comes into the library gets a flyer and a finger-point to my shelf of resources, and mostly I just get back polite nods, tight smiles or outright blank looks. People are more interested in the new books shelf or the periodicals rack than they are in PODCare meetings or town wikis or community support directories.

That directory–the one I was so hopeful about, the one that would unite the people who need care with the people with the resources–has turned into a listing of realtors and handymen and a few other trades. As my kids say, WTF.   (more…)

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Kiss The Angel Jan 3, 2011 • People have quizzed us about the services we have in Deepwell – do we have Paratransit and Meals On Wheels and hospices and suchlike. The answer generally is yes. We’re very average in that regard.

We’re not going to get to Ruby’s goal of a Deepwell Caring Index of 300 by implementing common measures. We’re going to need some extraordinary measures. We need to look at programs that are really cutting-edge in some way, and ideas that have never yet been tried.

How do I know this? – oh, a WiddleBird told me. I won’t say more than that!

The other thing is, we are not going to get to a DCI of 300 by adding services alone. We have to change our way of thinking. WiddleBird didnt whisper this in my ear – she didnt need to. All of us in PODcare learned this from the people out there telling us stories like this one and this one and this one.   (more…)

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