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Feb 21, 2010 • So what I ended up doing is inviting Keith over for a free trim, which I gave him this afternoon. Keith, if you’re reading this, I said it to you and I’ll say it to anyone, you are a fine man and a good conversationalist, just a bit excitable is all.
So we just chatted for about an hour and yes, it was a challenge for me because Keith only have about hair on one sixth of his head, so to make his trim last an hour was a challenge I only undertook because I love this town so much. But in the end he was able to talk calmly about that awful lawyer woman and this is what we are pretty sure she said:

The first part of the will is going to be opened and read on March 9.

This is what we now think she didn’t say:

There are legal reasons why you can’t see the will/ can’t protest the will/ can’t get any money.

We’re not sure what she did say, but I’m guessing it was just some standard legal flapjaw and Keith kinda mortared in the gaps of his limited understanding himself.

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Dec 22, 2009 • Enough already with sending us the contact info for your ex-brother-in-laws who have law degrees and are dying to do brave legal battle on our behalf! We’re pretty firm that we are not going to take this will to court. That’s just not the Deepwell way, people. I mean, ahem, the lady is trying to give us money. Also it seems way wrong to object to spending money on taking care of our own folks, yet turn around and give it to a lawyer instead? I’m as intensely curious as anyone about this but that course of action is not exactly in the holiday spirit.

Don’t forget everyone, the Holiday Peageant time has been moved back due to weather, it now starts at 6 pm.

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