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December 31, 2015 • Okay, we came up short, DCI-wise. Big whup. For me at least, Ruby’s Bequest stopped being about money a long time ago. Somewhere along the line I guess I got the notion that 300 was actually impossible, that no community has ever scored 300 in their Caring Index. Not that I think Ruby Wood was being cruel to us or anything. Sometimes it’s best not to know that you’re attempting the impossible, or else you’ll never even get close.

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May 17, 2010 • Everybdy seems to needsomehtings so how we going the get it, will or no will.

‘No fair wishing wising for a time maching or a miracle cure.

(1) Raven wanted help with paperwork. Dmrzxopo (or whatever) had suggestion what the city could do. (2) Sally needs an elevator. I’ll check for sprae parts at the scrap yard and Porter’s Hardware when I’am there tomoroow. (3) Inned a new recippe but all I got was web sites with a lot of questions.  Hell, it ‘s all I all I can do to remember my one password. I don’t know the seniors d it. (3) Deepwellgirl needs rides. (4) Top needs me to tell his parents but i just cean’t find them. (5) 2 teen smoking behind the 7-11 need a way of have shool be meaingful and the rug rats playing kick-t’-can across the tracks need someting after schoo;.

So what does your family need and how is we gonna pay for it.

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Mar 16, 2010 • I think we are beginning to see how this might work: Ruby’s last will and testament will dole out money to us from time to time so that we can fund some ideas about caring. But not a lot of money anymore (Ruby’s investments have been hit just like everyone else’s). And it’s not like the money comes to us and we get to decide what to do with it. We have to decide first and come up with some concrete ideas and then maybe they get funded.

The lawyer is making some kind of measurement that she is calling the “Deepwell Caring Index.” What is this exactly? No idea.

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Here’s the answering machine message from Ashleye Blackbourne, the lawyer. This is not anywhere near what I expected on sooo many levels.

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1000 voices = lollipop?

The call came in verrrry early this morning. Keith played it for me right into the phone. It is the oddest dern thing, that’s for sure. Ruby asks “what are your hopes, your fears?” about caring. And then she says that we are to “raise up a thousand voices” about it.

Now the way I understand that, “a thousand voices” just means “many,” right? But sounds like the lawyer is saying “1000” as in, we have to collect 1000 stories from people. No lollipop if we only get 999.

So if you’re reading this, come help us out. What are your hopes, your fears about the future of caring where you live, in your life?

Photo by the half-blood prince, via Flickr.

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Mar 1, 2010 • She called today for Keith. Thank goodness he was down at the gas station. And thank you Susie for giving Keith the message machine. Alex down at the boutique put it here on the blog for us. This is what we're up agains, folks.

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Feb 21, 2010 • So what I ended up doing is inviting Keith over for a free trim, which I gave him this afternoon. Keith, if you’re reading this, I said it to you and I’ll say it to anyone, you are a fine man and a good conversationalist, just a bit excitable is all.
So we just chatted for about an hour and yes, it was a challenge for me because Keith only have about hair on one sixth of his head, so to make his trim last an hour was a challenge I only undertook because I love this town so much. But in the end he was able to talk calmly about that awful lawyer woman and this is what we are pretty sure she said:

The first part of the will is going to be opened and read on March 9.

This is what we now think she didn’t say:

There are legal reasons why you can’t see the will/ can’t protest the will/ can’t get any money.

We’re not sure what she did say, but I’m guessing it was just some standard legal flapjaw and Keith kinda mortared in the gaps of his limited understanding himself.

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Dec 17, 2009 • Okay, apparently it’s not a hoax. Marta’s daughter-in-law, Sophie, made a special trip on Monday to the law firm in Los Angeles. She says it’s a real firm with about two hundred lawyers on four floors and a conference table you could park a pickup on. She met with the Ruby Wood lawyer for about a minute, but the woman is for real – and apparently just as Keith described her.

Sophie confirmed most of what Keith told us: the town of Deepwell is the beneficiary named in a will; someone named Ruby Wood left the will; the will specifies that “certain conditions must be met by the town” in order for us to collect, and these conditions involve us taking better care of our people. The woman didn’t say that it was “a whole lot” of money at stake here, however, which is what Keith told us she said in that first phone call. Sophie says the lawyer would only say the amount was “substantial.” (She said “substantial” a substantial number of times.)

I’m making this blog so that people can come here and STOP CALLING ME. If we hear anything more one of us will write about it here. HOnestly, people.

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