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Dec 18, 2013 •

It’s weird not going home for the whole holiday.

And to be quite honest, I haven’t really felt like Deepwell has truly been my home in maybe the last year or so.

I know, before you start yelling at me, take a listen: it’s that I don’t feel like I deserve it. The timing was sort of terrible, you know? Here I am, just some ordinary kid (my theory is that I am a kid until at LEAST 30), feeling the borders of my town closing around me like a big hug or some similar metaphor, and then Ruby comes along and questions that.

At that age, I guess, it was stereotypically time for ME to to question things. Mostly, I was irritated at Ruby, and then I began to see what she meant. And then I left to go to college, and I found out how much I liked words (essays were the WORST for me in high school), and how much I liked the world getting bigger, and suddenly no borders could hold me. Deepwell was a place where life continued to happen, but it was all stuff I thought I had already figured out. I had new people to get to know, to get to care about in my own way in all of my classes, in every roller derby in the hallway outside my dorm room.

You wonder sometimes why it’s hard to get younger people into caring? Well, I’ll tell you one reason: their worlds open up, and suddenly, there is so much new stuff, there is so much to do! Slowing down and returning home feels impossible, sometimes backwards. It takes a great effort for me to maintain a grip on all of the pieces of me that are scattered at home and all over Deepwell and in the dorms at school, and each lecture hall on campus. Because I am healthy, my brain often tricks me into feeling invincible. It’s in all the coming of age stories. It’s one of the first things they teach you – the nasty downside of The Hero’s Journey.

And now, I am heading to Ithaca.

Why Ithaca?

I was actually home for the weekend recently for an engagement party for my sis when I ran into Kerrek at the library. He was on the computer getting his internet time in, like he always does, and he had maps up on the screen of New York State. He was pointing and smiling, and said that there was a ‘an old Deepwell of the future’ there.

Intrigued, I grabbed the terminal next to his, and did my own search.


The HOURS of Ithaca.

Part of me wants to go just because I can’t believe it. How can a town thrive on what essentially amounts to paying for your groceries with Monopoly Money? Part of me wants to feel inspired by it – maybe I can find a piece of my own Deepwell in a new place, and then I will feel less guilty about coming home from now on.

Plus, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, there may or may not be a cute girl who lives in Rochester who’s in my Math recitation on Tuesdays.

Look, I wasn’t kidding about the world opening up, OK? I’m multi-tasking, here!

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