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Jan 23, 2010 •  There.  I said it.  I’ll say it again, real loud this time – Deepwell isn’t perfect!   Just take an honest look around and you’ll see that we have our fair share of problems, just like any other town. 

So please, put your torches down.  There’s no reason to go after Ms. Crumpett.  She’s just a reporter looking for a story.  Let’s not give her more material for a follow-up, okay?  

I think the more important thing is that Ruby Wood thought we didn’t care (for her) right.  Apparently, she feels strongly enough about this that she left us a fortune if we can fix it.  So let’s take a good look around and see what needs a makeover.

I know a bunch of you are thinking I’m just saying all this because I’m a transplant, just a wee little Deepwellian.  What do I know about Deepwell and its people?  Yeah, so maybe I wasn’t here when Durgan Dairy delivered milk on every doorstep or when you could go over to Charlie’s to get a piece of candy for a penny.   But maybe that is what’s needed around here?  A fresh set of eyes?

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Jan 22, 2010 • All right, what she said, people (J.A. Crumpett is a woman) is this: “I still have a few unindicted friends over at the courthouse – yes, hard to believe. One of them spilled today about an unusual last will and testament winding its way toward the light. Apparently one Ruby Wood left a smallish fortune to some little town in Nowhere USA, if it can just learn to care better. What, didn’t the woman have some yappy little dog to bestow her largesse upon? She messin’ with the minds of the aptly named Deepwell instead. Or is it Hadleyburg? Nothing like a boodle of money to bring out the caring side o’ people.” I had Sophie find it and read it to me slow over the phone.

It’s rude, I’ll give you that, but just let it go, can’t you?

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