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Jan 23, 2010 •  There.  I said it.  I’ll say it again, real loud this time – Deepwell isn’t perfect!   Just take an honest look around and you’ll see that we have our fair share of problems, just like any other town. 

So please, put your torches down.  There’s no reason to go after Ms. Crumpett.  She’s just a reporter looking for a story.  Let’s not give her more material for a follow-up, okay?  

I think the more important thing is that Ruby Wood thought we didn’t care (for her) right.  Apparently, she feels strongly enough about this that she left us a fortune if we can fix it.  So let’s take a good look around and see what needs a makeover.

I know a bunch of you are thinking I’m just saying all this because I’m a transplant, just a wee little Deepwellian.  What do I know about Deepwell and its people?  Yeah, so maybe I wasn’t here when Durgan Dairy delivered milk on every doorstep or when you could go over to Charlie’s to get a piece of candy for a penny.   But maybe that is what’s needed around here?  A fresh set of eyes?

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Dec 31, 2009 • Time to poke a stick into the Spokes of Rumor which has apparently been spinning overtime over the holidays. Below is what has happened so far – everything else is exaggeration and confabulation:

Dec. 7 – Keith gets a call from a woman, pretty pushy and lawyery-sounding, who tells him that Ruby Wood has left the town of Deepwell a “substantial” sum of money but there are conditions and “I would begin examining how you take of your citizens if I were you” (Keith paraphrase). She may have said more but you know how Keith gets.

Dec. 11 – Mari sits down with Keith and they manage to find the lawyer (Keith wrote her name down wrong). She’s in LA. We try calling but the legal secretrary won’t put us through, tries telling us “there’s no more new information” in the case.

Dec. 14 – Over the weekend we come to the conclusion that this has got to be some kind of prank. Marta calls her son Don who lives near LA and asks him to check out this law office. Don of course fobs the job onto his wife, Sophie, and she goes and finds the office is real, the woman is real, and apparently the bequest is real and “substantial.”

Dec. 18 – While searching for the lawyer Mari had sent an email to a guy at the LA Times, and he or some other reporter calls back wanting to know more. She’s at the farm so he leaves a message.

Pre-Holidays: people go a bit nuts saying we need to get lawyers and sue sue sue, as if they were going to get any of this money personally and waiting a month or two would be fatal. Calmer heads prevail, however.

Holiday: different folks go a bit nuts in another direction and Ruby is now (a) a Soprano (b) a Roosevelt (c) a remorseful wife of an investment banker (my favorite) and (d) connected to the Obama campaign. Somebody TOTALLY MAKES UP the number “One point two billion” and now everyone is quoting it like gospel?

That brings y’all up to date. Cool your jets. Happy New Year, everyone.

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