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Mar 6, 2010 • I have something to say, and even though it might upset some people here in Deepwell, it REALLY needs to be said.

Don’t get me wrong… I really apprecate how people here have tried to help me since this whole Ruby thing started.  But that’s just the problem.  It’s only been SINCE Ruby’s Bequest!

I’ve been suffering without enough help for quite a long time now, and it seemed no one cared until now!  And if people DID care… well they sure as heck didn’t DO anything about it all this time.  Then Ruby comes along and people suddenly start pretending to care just because they are accused of something in some paper half way accross the country!  Well this town DOESN’T care right!  At least it’s never cared right for ME!!!

So it’s great and all that people are finally starting to take notice.  But it really upsets me that it takes something like Ruby’s Bequest to make people start trying to care.  It’s really just sad.  Especially for me.

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