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Dec 17, 2009 • Okay, apparently it’s not a hoax. Marta’s daughter-in-law, Sophie, made a special trip on Monday to the law firm in Los Angeles. She says it’s a real firm with about two hundred lawyers on four floors and a conference table you could park a pickup on. She met with the Ruby Wood lawyer for about a minute, but the woman is for real – and apparently just as Keith described her.

Sophie confirmed most of what Keith told us: the town of Deepwell is the beneficiary named in a will; someone named Ruby Wood left the will; the will specifies that “certain conditions must be met by the town” in order for us to collect, and these conditions involve us taking better care of our people. The woman didn’t say that it was “a whole lot” of money at stake here, however, which is what Keith told us she said in that first phone call. Sophie says the lawyer would only say the amount was “substantial.” (She said “substantial” a substantial number of times.)

I’m making this blog so that people can come here and STOP CALLING ME. If we hear anything more one of us will write about it here. HOnestly, people.

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