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Feb 11, 2010 • Hi, Hannah Silver here!  Like everyone in town, I want to go and show my respects to Bev at the funeral, but as of now I can’t go because I physically can’t get there.  As some of you know by now, I’ve been stuck rolling in a wheelchair since my Lupus sent my arthritis off the deep end.  I still haven’t found any transportation around town when it’s too far to go by chair.  The cemetery is just too far.  And my cute little car that seemed like such a great idea on my 16th birthday is just way too small to fit my wheelchair even if you disassemble the whole darn thing.

Anyway, Etta suggested I post here about it since everyone in town is reading this anyway and see if anyone has a big van or something who would be willing to take me (and my wheelchair) to the funeral.  So if anyone is willing and able, please leave an note for me in the comments!


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