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Kiss The Angel Jan 3, 2011 • People have quizzed us about the services we have in Deepwell – do we have Paratransit and Meals On Wheels and hospices and suchlike. The answer generally is yes. We’re very average in that regard.

We’re not going to get to Ruby’s goal of a Deepwell Caring Index of 300 by implementing common measures. We’re going to need some extraordinary measures. We need to look at programs that are really cutting-edge in some way, and ideas that have never yet been tried.

How do I know this? – oh, a WiddleBird told me. I won’t say more than that!

The other thing is, we are not going to get to a DCI of 300 by adding services alone. We have to change our way of thinking. WiddleBird didnt whisper this in my ear – she didnt need to. All of us in PODcare learned this from the people out there telling us stories like this one and this one and this one.   (more…)

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